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I was commissioned to design and create the cover book of "Bullshot. expediente guanahani " by Álvaro Pascual and Guillermo Balmaseda published in Spain 2020.


I was in charge of the design and development of the characters of the story. Ramón and Perico are senior men who will have an exciting adventure. You can see the different steps of the creative process.


I would like to thank Álvaro and Guillermo for including me on the creative process and the special support they have given me.

You can buy the book here


personajes central.png
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personaje 2 2.png
personaje 2 3.png
personaje 2 1.png
personaje 1 4.png
personaje 1 1.png
personaje 1 2.png
personaje 1 3.png
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